From The Employer Side of the Desk

OBJECTIVE: To improve career transition readiness by sharing the employer’s perspective on
military veterans’ entry to the civilian work world.

  • Whether one enlistment or a 30-year career when you transition out of the military to
    the civilian workforce, you are facing an entirely new world.
  • Preparing for this new world is critical to success. Consider this session “Intelligence
    Preparation of the Career Battlefield”.
  • We will discuss an often-ignored but critically important topic – the employers’
  • Employers are the ones who have the jobs you seek to fill. Knowing their perspective is
    critical to optimizing your transition’s efficiency / effectiveness, and to you landing in
    (and staying with) a great job career.
  • We will cover a number of “insights from the employer side of the desk” that will
    enlighten participants about
    o General Business
    o Culture,
    o Transition
    o Networking
    o Talent Acquisition, Recruiting and Interviewing
  • Participants will leave this session with a better understanding of what employers’ are
    thinking and how employers operate regarding military career transition. They will be
    better armed for transition success!
    Note: All content is sourced from my book “Military Career Transition: Insights From the
    Employer Side of the Desk” which debuted in July 2021 as the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Job
    Hunting category