INE – Lowering the Bar for Cyber Education

The internet is quickly escalating into being the primary theatre of war in the 21st century. For many, whether private business or government actor, it is asymmetric warfare: the adversary wants it more and is willing to attempt millions of different attack vectors. While increasing investment in tools and people will certainly lead to a better security posture, it’s clear that such investments will fall flat without readily available, high quality education.

Join INE’s Director of Cyber Security Education, Jack Reedy, a veteran and expert Cyber Security professional, who will walk through his background, the difficulties he faced in his transition into civilian life, and why he’s joined INE in its commitment to lowering barriers to entry. What’s the value of a bachelor’s or advanced degree in Cyber Security? Should I be looking at an advanced bootcamp from a university or private company? Can I really get the training I need for the price of an annual subscription? Jack and his team will walk you through their thoughts on these important questions and what INE is doing to ensure that anyone with basic knowledge of Linux can begin their journey into a Cyber Security professional.