Knowing is Half the Battle: Transition Programs You MUST Prepare For

Skillbridge and Warrior Care Coalition are the most beneficial programs provided to transitioning service members. Yet, I haven’t found much information focused on specific strategies. In this talk, I will highlight the DoD SkillBridge and the Warrior Care Coalition transition programs. I will discuss the basic implementation and outline several “advanced” strategies to consider when utilizing them for maximum value. As an example, I will explore the “precision engagement” strategy. This strategy includes intelligence gathering to isolate your potential dream job and to engage directly with the company. This approach allows the member to use the transition program as a multi-month-long interview to prove their value. Other strategies include the “A/B test,” and the “kick start my startup” strategy. Next, approaching leadership to let you go early is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. I will provide some shared experiences on those who have won AND lost that battle. Finally, the outcome of this talk is to expose more service members to the transition programs every veteran should take advantage of and ensure they have a set of strategies they can use as a starting point in developing their unique transition plan.