Telling Stories: The Key to Getting Funding for your Security Program

Having been in the cybersecurity space for going on five years, there is one element that many security practitioners at virtually every level seem to forget: the art of storytelling.

At the end of the day, we are all humans, and you know what we as humans really love? A good story!

My message is this: Veterans in the security space storytelling can (and should) be leveraging storytelling as a vital part of their toolkit, whether they’re leading a SOC, or pitching an idea to the board of directors.

Ask a Veteran to tell you the funniest thing in their military career, and you’ll be doubled over laughing in less than a minute. Ask that same Veteran to explain why an increase in failed customer login attempts could be an indicator of an ATO campaign targeting their company, and telling that story in a compelling way seems a whole lot more difficult

Veterans have the skills to tell these stories – they just need to be reminded of how to do it.