“This is the Way?” – The Transitioning Journey

At some point, all military personnel transition from the military to the civilian world.
This experience can be one of the most critical but potentially stressful experiences
military members face. Many of us are often asked questions related to military
transition, pivoting into cybersecurity, how to get started in this field, internships and
jobs, education, and certification. However, often we find that the answer begins with
the classic response of “It Depends.” From there, the conversation shifts to discussing
timelines, goals, opportunities, and resources and leads to ongoing discussions and
mentorship to develop and execute a detailed, achievable plan.

This talk will provide a retrospective journey through a military career and transitioning
into a new career field, opportunities leveraged for success, and post-transition
experience. There are three primary goals for this talk. The first is to provide one
possible pathway for the journey that military members will take. More importantly,
resources and opportunities will be discussed to empower attendees to increase their
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to transition from the military and into this fantastic field
successfully. Finally, through this discussion, you will be better prepared to transition
from the military with less stress and the potential for greater success.