Workshop: Catfishing, The Other Type of Phishing: Leverage OSINT to Protect Yourself Before Going On That First Date

Everything is virtual, and in many ways, this has improved our quality of life. Today, we have
self-driving cars that pick-up self drinking slurpies. Dating is completely online, allowing you to
date from your couch.
Online dating can be fun, but also dangerous if the user does not properly secure their dating
profile. Dating platforms are a petri dish for cybercriminals and catfishing scams. During this
discussion, I will teach you how to leverage open-source tools (reverse image lookups, Google
Dorking, TruePeople) to protect yourself before you say yes to that first date.

The discussion is divided into two different phases:
● Phase One: I will explain why you should increase your cyber hygiene while online
● Phase Two: This is the hands-on phase. I will use real-world dating profiles from
various apps to teach you how to research using free open-source tools to investigate
your potential dates.

The techniques taught in this discussion will help the attendees increase their knowledge on
how to leverage OSINT while refining their overall OSINT research skills.

Attendee Takeaways:
● Understanding how to leverage open-source tools to conduct research
● Creating a secure online presence to avoid divulging too much personally identifiable
information to the public
● Refine your current OSINT skills with new tips and techniques such as reverse image
lookups and Google Dorking