In the past 24 hours CrowdStrike has processed more than 350 billion events, and we have processed 11 million events since you started reading this sentence. All of these events help defend our customers against cyber-attacks and none of them involved ads, clicks or cat gifs. At CrowdStrike, we are a team that makes a difference every day, protecting millions of computers from the world’s most advanced adversaries.


Founded in 2011 and located in Jacksonville, Florida, Quadrant Information Security is a consulting firm committed to supporting organizations in all vertical markets and protecting their sensitive data. Specializing in Managed Security Services and Enterprise Security Consulting, Quadrant prides itself on helping our customers maintain a secure environment.



Layer 8 Conference is the first conference to be solely focused on social engineering and intelligence gathering. This year, it was held on Saturday, June 6th, all virtually!

Website: Layer8 Conference

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We are constantly in search of funding to keep pursuing our mission of helping veterans transitioning into cybersecurity.  Please contact us below and we will be in touch!