Are you interested in speaking at VetSecCon 2022? We are looking for leaders in the industry as well as military transition experts from all branches of the US military and friendly allies to speak and help our mission of helping veterans transitioning into cyber security. We are also looking for presenters to run workshops! If you are interested in sharing with our community, please review the details and process below, and submit your talk information ASAP!

There are three speaking tracks – InfoSec, Transition, and Community. The CFP should specify which track it is aligned to, or if it is a workshop. All track talks are 45 minutes in length. If you’re interested in teaching a workshop, please state your desired length (last year all were 2-4 hours).

All CFPs must be submitted to

Important Dates

August 5th, 2022: Call for Presentations Opens

August 31st, 2022: Call for Presenters Closes

September 15th, 2022: Speaking Notifications / Track Schedules Sent

Review Process

Each submitting talk or workshop will be reviewed by a committee of the Board of Directors of the VetSec non-profit. The board will look at multiple factors, including whether the talk has been featured at VetSecCon previously and the detail of the submission.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Talk or Workshop Title
  2. Track best aligned to (InfoSec, Transition, Community, or Workshop).
  3. If Workshop, state desired time (2-4 hours was the norm).
  4. Speaker Name.
  5. Speaker Biography.
  6. Talk Abstract (200 words or less).
  7. Detailed Talk / Workshop Outline.
  8. Previous Speaking Engagements.
  9. Has this talk been given at another conference?
  10. Why you wish to address the military / veteran community.

Submit all CFPs to